Bacteria Shield

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Bacteria Shield is an American company that provides advanced bacterial protection solutions. It has an expanded network of over 5000 cleaning business owners which truly reflects their market demand. The company has verified cleaners that can be trusted as they have years of experience in cleaning homes, offices and public spaces. Bacteria Shield identifies the emerging digital market trend and understands the need of building an app that can expand its awareness to potential customers.

Therefore, Bacteria Shield got connected to Creatives Giants Technologies and discussed their need and vision of having an app that can serve as the bridge between customers who are actively looking for cleaning services and the company's verified cleaners. Our highly expert team of professionals works closely with the clients to develop an application that resonates with their needs and demands.

Did Creative Giants Technologies Provide Support?

Our American customer needed an application to transform the conventional method of bookings to the ease of one click as per today’s digital landscape. Our experts are aware of the latest digital features and the competitive business environment. We understand that Bacteria Shield needs a competitive edge in the shape of an application that can streamline the business process to sustain its growth in the market.


Bacteria Shield understands the changing customer dynamics. They knew that today, individuals are occupied with a lot of activities which means they need an easy way for the basic cleaning chores. Therefore, we worked on building an application that can assist people in finding a verified cleaner. The biggest challenge was to incorporate features that are easy to use and meet the latest technologies. We need to ensure that the app is mobile-friendly and compatible with both Android and iOS devices so our client can support its customers in meeting their cleaning requirements.

High Scalability

High scalability was a major challenge, as we needed to ensure that the application catered to the increasing user database without compromising on its performance and functionality. Therefore, we incorporated features to handle a high volume of user requests with seamless integration and data interface.

Time Slots Management for Cleaners

To make the application more effective, we included features like Customizable Scheduling, Automated Reminders, Flexible Rescheduling, Time Analytics and many more to track progress.

Booking Management Features

To streamline the booking management processes, we included an Online Booking feature integrated with the calendar for real-time updates to assist with confirmations and rescheduling. As per our client’s request, we need to ensure that the back-end server must get updated for any new changes which is a substantial challenge.

An App Integrating Both Customers & Cleaners

The most essential task was to bring the customers and cleaners on one platform so the cleaners offer their services to the potential customers at the right time.


After conducting a comprehensive brainstorming session, our experts combined the best ideas to build an application that aligns with the client’s needs and the company’s goals. We understand the change in market dynamics and customer demands. Therefore, we incorporated features that can make household and business cleaning services easy to access at a very affordable price.

This application is designed to help customers schedule cleaning services for residential or commercial purposes. We include features that can help customers check the status of cleaners. Customers can assess the live location of cleaners and in case of any problem, they can find a substitute. To further help our client stand in the competitive market, we include different pricing plans so customers can avail services daily and many other alternative booking methods to allow customers to add several sites for cleaning.


Our application helped Bacteria Shield to transform the cleaning industry in the USA for residential, commercial and public properties. After monitoring the performance of this application, it was visible that the app’s innovative algorithms and advanced features target potential customers who are looking for cleaners in different settings.

This application facilitates users to take proactive cleaning measures to combat harmful bacteria which gives it more popularity and helps to gain customer loyalty. Bacteria Shield immediately witnesses a 60% progress rate after the successful launch of this innovative app.

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